Uncles Lee, Lester, and "Dal" - My mother's brothers

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   Lester Boudreaux served in the first intergrated Combat Unit in the US Army in 1944 in Germany in WWII.
    Blood for Dignity, a book about his platoon, captures some of his exploits.
   He received theBronze Star and the Purple Heart. His company was under fire and he bravely went out into the open and rescued a wounded white soldier. He got shot in the stomach but managed to drag the soldier back to safety.
   He is the father of Frank Boudreaux of Laguna Beach, California. Frank Boudreaux Website
   Lee Boudreaux was a mechanic at Bordelon Motors .  I can remember him cutting my hair one winter morning on a large tub outside in front of the wash house. He accidently nicked my ear and I ran away crying, but it was okay and he finished the job.
   Mom depended on him to look after her, and she said that he would help her get the things she needed and encouraged her to stay in school
   He is the father of Jerry Boudreaux of Las Vegas, NV.
   Dallis Boudreaux, a WWII veteran, received the Purple Heart after being wounded in combat.
He attended Southern University and completed the Photography Curriculum.
   Then he established himself as a successful photographer with his own studio, Boudreaux's Studio, which was located on the corner of Vine and Academy streets in Opelousas, La.
   He is Pam Scott's father.
Lee Boudreaux - color tinted
black and white photograph
Pictures like this one were hand tinted by my Uncle Dal. I remember seeing the tools he used to tint black and white photographs, a skill he acquired while at Southern University, which require artistic talent.. My son Eric restored this picture from the original.
Military Awards:
Bronze Star and Purple Heart