Mary Martel’s Baked Chicken

    I always enjoyed my mother's baked chicken - baked to a golden brown in a casserole dish in her oven - so tender and
juicy - buttery delicious - falling off the bone. I asked her one afternoon how she did it. I grabbed an envelope from the bills and papers on the coffee table and sat leaning forward in the sofa by the front window jotting down the recipe as she explained it in her own animated way. You could see that she was proud of her baked chicken and happy to tell me how she did it.

Wash your hands.
Wash chicken in and out and wipe with paper towel.
Cut butt and all excess fat (off).
Red Pepper, salt, little black pepper, and lots of garlic.
Season in and out.
Piece of celery and onion put in (cavbity).
Tablespoon of butter and teaspoon of mustard in hand and rub all over really well.
Put a little oil on paper towel and wipe pan.
350-355 degree oven (preheat)
Put chicken on breast first for about an hour.
Turn over and put paprika on it (if you have it) and let it brown.
"You got to work with it."
After it has cooked for about an hour, put a little water (when it's good and brown).
"I nurse my food."
Cover it when it's browning good.
It takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Poke thigh. No blood. (it's done.)