My Mom-Mary B. Martel

The thing that I missed the most was her smile. On the night before she died I looked at her picture on the wall and made the sign of the cross on it . Then I asked God to return her smile to her as I had done often in the past. No doubt He has.

Mom used to enjoy watching the wrestling or “rasslin” She really got a kick out of that, watching it with Miss Wilda, one of our neighbors.

Mom was smart. She had a quick mind and could respond to almost any situation. She knew how to take care of herself and others as well.

Her life was never easy. She seldom complained. Even if things did get the best of her, she would put it in God’s hands. God will make a way. One door closes and another door opens. Even when she became disabled, she remained youthfully optimistic, making plans to paint her house. She would always say, “I love my little house.”

Sometimes she preferred to be alone. She would say, “I like to be quiet” She would sit outside on the porch steps looking off into the distance, greeting a passing neighbor who would say, “Hey Miss Timmay.”

She had pride in herself. She always wanted to look her best. She would go to the beauty parlor and have her hair done. She was always neat and clean. On special occasions she would dress up in nice clothes that she had bought.

She was very energetic and a fast worker. She was busy from sunup to sundown. Her energy never faded, and she remained active until she was in her early eighties when she caught her first stroke from which she partially recovered remaining optimistic and determined.

She had amazing strength and determination. She never gave up hope. She never gave up on life. It was amazing, even miraculous, how with so many obstacles in her way, so many things against her, so much suffering, she remained steadfastly clinging to God’s precious gift of life for years, unable to help herself in any way, truly in God’s Hands.

Although she was near death several times, she came back for her children and grandchildren, facing even more suffering in accordance with God’s plan for us. Overwhelmed by such suffering, questioning, wondering why, drew me closer to her, closer to others who suffer, closer to my family, and closer to God. All I could say to her was, “God has a plan, mom.” We don’t know what it is, but we know that He loves us, and we have to always cling to Him, no matter what happens to us.

Life is a precious gift from God. She held on to her gift tenaciously until that energy, which God gave her, which made her the person we knew and loved was completely used up. None of her precious gift of life was ever wasted.

Paul Martel-July 20, 2006