Family Burial Ground

This photo consists of three photos stitched together to form a panoramic view of the family burial plot in St. Landry Cemetery. The photos were taken in late October 2006 after we had washed, scraped, and painted the tombs of our loved ones before we put the flowers on them. Last year (Oct. 2005) my brother Steve had helped clean and paint the tombs. He died in April of 2006 and my mother Mary died in July of that same year. In the past my mother would take us with her to help her out and before that her mother would take her to help her out. So, it has been a long family tradition to go to the cemetery to clean and paint the tombs and put flowers on them before the blessing of the graves and before All Saints Day and All Souls Day which are celebrated by the Church in the beginning of November. The tradition is still being carried on by Connie, Darrel, and me (Paul) and will continue until we are no longer able to do so. Hopefully, someone else will continue the tradition.
Tomb of Lester, Lee, and Eva Boudreaux. Grandma had planted a border of monkey grass all around this tomb which was very attractive and well kept. I remember that she would bring her hoe and rake to clear the weeds. Herbicide has eradicated the monkey grass, but last year (2006) I found a small patch of it behund the tomb and gave it to my sister Connie to plant. At her home Grandma had a pathway up to her front steps bordered on each side by monkey grass. I remember playing in the soft cool long monkey grass as a child.