My Uncles - Martels

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Uncle Clayton moved to Houston late in life where he raised three beautiful children, Pat, Bernadette, and John. I visited them one summer that I will never forget. He was a kind and caring man. He took me fishing in Galveston out on the sea wall with the waves crashing. I also walked on the beach picking up sea shells. I hope to return to Galveston one day to the beach.

Uncle Patrick getting ready to fish while on a picnic with his daughter Donna, wife Evelyn, and friends (cropped out for close up). He loved the outdoors, going fishing often with his brothers Clayton, Paul, Walter, George.

Uncles Walter and Patrick, my daddy Paul, and Uncle George

When I was young I went fishing with all four of them. They were telling stories, joking with each other, laughing and having a good time all the way there. Than they each went off to catch fish. Sometmes when we went over to visit his house, he would be cooking some venison or other game that he had hunted. A delicious aroma was all over the house. I remember sitting in the kitchen listening to him his stories which were really funny. He like his brothers was kind and caring.

Uncle George was my favorite uncle. He would often come by to visit us on Sunday mornings and on other days. He took me fishing many times, and I have many memories of our experiences and stories to tell enough to fill up this page. Like his brothers, he loved the outdoors, and he loved to fish. He was also a good kind hearted man who loved his family. They were all like that.