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Mary with Uncle Dal, Edward Mouton (Carrie's husband) and his son Edward Jr. (Sonny). On the left is Charles Nary named after his grandfather Nary. Mary B. Martel posing on the steps for her brother - Photographer Dallis Boudreaux - mid 1940's. Photo restored by Eric Martel (Original)
Mary and Dallis in rare tinted photo done by Dallis shortly after WW II. Photo restored by Eric Martel. (Original)
Mom posed for me during the 1960's holding onto the clothesline. I enjoyed photographing her because of her natural beauty. This photo was taken in 1969 or 1970 after I had bought my 1965 Mustang. The pose is almost regal. It displays pride and self confidence.
I got mom out of bed to sit on the back steps in the early 1960's to take a picture. I thought she was beautiful just the way she was.