Fourth of July at Connie and Keith's Place Over the Years

From this page you can access all of the photos and videos from the past six years of this annual celebration. Click any of the links below, and once you have finished viewing, click the word "Back" to return to this page. It will be in yellow most of the time and sometimes in crimson to make it easier to see.

Fourth of July 2013

Fourth 2011 Zoomify Pan

Before the Rain

Fourth 2011 Movie

During the Rain

Fourth 2009 Panorama

After the Rain

Fourth 2009 Movie 1

Fourth 2012 Panorama

Fourth of July 2014

Fourth 2009 Movie 2

Fourth 2012 Movie 1

Yard 1

Fourth 2012 Movie 2

Yard 2

Fourth 2010 Panorama

Fourth 2012 Movie 3

Yard 3

Fourth 2010 Movie

Birthday 1

Birthday 2

Frank 1

Frank 2