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These recordings were not adjusted in Audacity.

Cicadas 1
Cicadas 2
Cicadas 3
Cicadas 4

Paul Live at the Blues Shack

On Sunday July 28th, I listened to the Blues Shack.I got this idea to hook up an old iSight camera and video myself listening to the program and playing along on my guitar. Afterwards, I edited about an hour of video down to about a half hour in iMovie. The quality from the ten year old camera was poor and the audio was terrible since I had decided to crank up the volume of the music using a Bluetooth amplified speaker system. I tried to adjust the audio in iMovie. Then I exported the movie, extracted the audio, applied a clip fix effect in Audacity, and replaced the sound track with the processed audio. The result was a lower volume, but more bearable to listen to, so you will have to turn the volume all the way up on your laptop and on Quicktime or maybe use some amplified speakers or head phones. It's not something you have to listen to, but you can see how much fun I had and how I was able to figure out the key that each song was played in and follow along with my own imagination.


Cicadas4 -12db up to

I reduced the audio of everything which was below 2000K using Audacity in order to isolate the cicadas from low noises which resulted from the way I had to record the sound, I had my two mikes outside plugged into an old mixer that I had from Radio Shack and used the RCA outputs to connect that to my USB audio capture device which had three settings (mike, line in, and phono). I couldn't use the "mike" setting because it only has one input, and the "line in" setting was not sensitive enough, so my only choice was to use the "phono" setting, which was not intended to be used with microphones and was very sensirive producing some low noises from the mikes. I used GarageBand to record because it enabled me to cut out some of those low noises coming in, and I used Audacity afterwards to eliminate the rest.

Night Sounds as recorded (3 min.)

Night Sounds - 12db to 2000k

Night Sounds -12db to 2000k amplified